Nutrition Coaching in Simsbury, CT

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Nutrition & Wellness Coaching
Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

We will pin-point a comprehensive diet plan, custom to your lifestyle, that helps you feel you are at your peak potential in terms of fitness, energy levels, and mood.

Nutrition Coaching includes:

  • Customized meal plan.
  • Weekly Check-ins.
  • Access to digital food log.
  • Personal nutrition coach.

Nutrition & Wellness

Our Nutrition Program is more than just food. It's how we nurture our bodies, care for our wellness, and allow ourselves to grow and evolve.

We go beyond the trends and fads but focus on long-term, sustainable, and effective results.

Our Program Offers

Realistic, slow-paced, and long-term weight loss strategies.

Unwavering support for clients so they can gain accountability and knowledge to reach their goals.

A customized plan that is balanced, holistic, and manageable.

Unlimited conversations on food myths, facts, and information will help clients make better, smarter, and healthier decisions.

Change the way you see food; let food boost your body's strength and wellness so you can reach your highest potential.


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.3 miles from St Mary's Church, .5 miles from the center of simsbury - we are virtual though so do we need this?

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. SNH Nutrition is located and easily accessible from all of .

It's time to prioritize yourself! Leave your excuses behind and make the healthy choice the right choice today! Your future self will thank you.